Building Better Business Relationships

Your business success is directly related to the quality of the relationships you build with your clients.

Most business owners can think of a handful of clients they have developed a lasting, strong relationship with. They are usually based on the revenue they generate. We work to help all types of businesses get the working capital they need to succeed, and have noticed a few characteristics that our most successful clients all share.

1. They are willing to go above and beyond what is expected.

When you do business with someone that feels personally invested in the outcome of your deal, you feel more confident that your needs are being met. The next time your clients have a need that your business can fulfill, they will remember how good it felt to have you on their side the last time you did business. This is crucial to developing repeat customers as well as tapping into the power of social reviews.

2. They strategically communicate to maintain and strengthen their business relationships.

Once you close the deal, you have to ensure that you deliver and that your client is satisfied. You may have built a strong foundation between your business and your clients but if you don’t nurture that bond, they may reach out to your competitors the next time they require assistance. A good CRM (customer relationship manager) is crucial to facilitating better communication between your business and it’s accounts, and can also reduce the time you spend analyzing reporting.

Here at BFA we use Salesforce to track our accounts, distribute leads, monitor payments and employee performance, as well as many other things. Your CRM should be configured to notify you when you need to reach out to your clients before they even pick up the phone.

3. They anticipate the needs of their clients.

One of the best ways to build trust and rapport with your clients is by knowing what they need before they do. This conveys that you are an expert on whatever service or product you provide, and that you are focused on what your client is trying to accomplish. This can be difficult when you have many different accounts and relationships to nurture. 

If you are using Salesforce like us, you can use Sidekick to help keep track of all your client interactions on the fly and get insights as to when your clients view your emails or open your attachments. This allows us to anticipate when our clients get stuck so that we can reach out at the right time.

There are many other factors that tie into the relationships that you build with your clients, but delivering exceptional customer service and by using some of the tips above your company can gain a substantial competitive advantage and keep it.

Start building a relationship with us today to have easy access to business financing from wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Jason Bray
Jason Bray
Marketing Manager & Senior Developer for Business Funding America.